Coaches & Staff

Jennifer Jones:  Owner and Head Coach at Elevate Gymnastics. She was a competitive gymnast in Moscow, ID, a cheerleader, and has years of coaching experience. Jenn is also a professional USA Gymnastics member.  Jenn trains twice a year with Olympic level coaches.  She believes that there is always something new to learn to become a better coach.  Jenn has her bachelors in Physical Education and a Master of Health Education.  She loves gymnastics, but her kids and husband, Jason, are her everything!

Shalynn Garner:  Head Team Coach.  Shay brings a lot to Elevate as a level 9 almost level 10 gymnast who definitely knows her stuff.   Shay has been with Elevate since the beginning and has blossomed into a phenomenal coach.  She was also the assistant cheer coach at Minico High School who won back to back state championships in 2014 and 2015!  She also trains with Olympic coaches twice a year and is a USA Gymnastics professional member.

Jaime Goehart: Team Coach

Sissy Phillips:  Team Coach, Tumbling Coach

Allie McClure: Team Coach, Rec Coach

Kari Mayer:  Team Coach, Rec Coach

Paige Palmer:  Rec Coach

Kourtney Larsen: Rec Coach

Josh Burgess: Ninjastics Coach

Dianna Prescott:  Head Preschool Instructor.  Gymnastics Rec Coach. She is one of our amazing preschool teachers. She has a BS in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Idaho. She is creative and makes learning interactive and fun!  She is a mother of 3 beautiful children.

Kiley Pierce:  Preschool Teacher

Deborah Jackson: Preschool Teacher

Stephanie McClure: Office Manager

Joey Boren: Assistant Office Manager


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